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The“Lion Head Mountain Park”is situated on a 70-meter altitude Jinshan cape. Transformed from an early military coast guard restricted zone to the tourist destination today, the old barracks, bunker, fort and natural habitat was preserved. It is a forest walk with a good view and ocean on three sides. The Lion Head Mountain ringed walkway is cool with a gentle rise and trees to either side. It is fit for family outings, passing the adorable lucky trail (Maitreya figure) and walking further in for the beautiful “Couple Rock” story and see the “Candle Stick Rocks” shaped like candle holders. One can also visit the mystery bay of the north coast and appreciate Tofu Rock and sand rock remains on the marine beach. The best part about visiting Lion Head Mountain is the chance to see all three “Golden Coast Wonders” at once, the Candle Stick Rock, sulfuric fire fishing and moonlight on water.

Yehliu Ocean World
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Juming Museum
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Yehliu Geopark
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Guihou Fishing Harbor
“Guihou Fishing Harbor” is a scenic little fishing village of leisure tourism on the north...
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Jinshan Old Market
“Jinshan Old Street (JinBaoLi Old Street)”is currently the only remaining Qing dynasty old...
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