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Guihou Fishing Harbor

“Guihou Fishing Harbor” is a scenic little fishing village of leisure tourism on the north coastline. The buildings are painted with style and the waters clear. Every year durin autumn in September through November, the “Fishermen Market” near Guihou will gather crowds competing for the delicious “Wanli Crab”. Today, “Guihou Fishing Harbor” is known for the Wanli crabs and has become one of the busiest harbor of the north coast. Must try classics is the “Steamed Wanli Crab”. No seasonings are added, leaving the entire ocean freshness in its meat. Simple steaming will provide the most exquisite taste!

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考量顧客群聚風險及環境安全,薆悅酒店野柳渡假館各宴會廳、漁人廚房、兒童遊戲區(Ocean land)、輕食區(Ocean Bar),將自即日起暫停營業, 直至疫情穩定後再行宣布開放,如造成各界不便,敬請見諒!